The COVID-19 Crisis and Low Carb Mama

With the on-going Coronavirus crisis, Mama wanted to figure out how she could help out those in remote areas or those with dietary restrictions who can't leave the house. It's very important to us, at Low Carb Mama, that everyone stay safe and healthy.

Therefore, in order to promote social distancing and keep people at home, we're making it more affordable to access our products for everyone.

Currently on the site, you'll see we've brought back our popular bundles, discounted at 5% off the regular price.
In addition to this, if you spend over 80$, use code: MAMAFREESHIP to receive free shipping.

Until the COVID-19 Crisis is over, Low Carb Mama is going to do its best to ensure we continue to support your diets, families, and communities with sales and deals.

Mama would like to say, "Please watch over your friends and family, help out those in need, and stay safe and healthy!"

Feel free to contact us should there be anything you need from Mama. We're flexible with our requests, should you need something specific prepared :)